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Formica Production Line
One side loading and unloading HPL production line mainly consists of vacuum sucker, paper batching unit, conveyors, lifting in-feed/out-feed device, movable loading/unloading device, pusher-puller, hot press etc.

Step 1: Vacuum sucker set the paper stacks on paper batching unit
Step 2: Lifting in-feed device push each stack into movable loading device
Step 3: After all layers are full, movable loading device moves to front of hot press
Step 4: Pusher-puller push all layers into hot press one time.
Step 5: Hot press starts to press with heating and cooling simultaneously
Step 6: After finished, pusher-puller will pull out all layers into movable unloading device
Step 7: Unload finish panels one by one though lifting out-feed device and vacuum sucker.

Hot Press
1. Hot press can heat/cool at the same time, to meet technical requirement of production for high quality finished laminates.
2. Heating/cooling system: steam heating and water cooling or Overheating water heating and water cooling.
3. Size of finished laminates: 4'×8', 5'×8', 5'×10', 5'×12', 7'×9', 7'×14'.
4. Specific pressure: 80-120kg/cm&#178;
Hydraulic System
1. Low pressure and big flow hydraulic pump group is used in hydraulic system to increase the production capacity by reducing press closing time. High pressure big/small flow hydraulic pump are adopted for energy saving.
2. Mechanical cycle includes loading, press closing, pressure building up and releasing, press opening.
Electrical Control System
1. HPL hot press is controlled and monitored by PLC and visualization system to fulfill its function
2. PLC are from Siemens, Omron or any other brands per customer's individual requirement.
3. Operating console near the equipment makes the operation more convenient and faster.
HPL Laminating Press Specifications
Model No.DP134*8/28DP134*10/36DP135*12/48DP136*10/50DP136*12/56DP136*14/68
Total Pressure
Unit Pressure
Number of Layers10/12/15/16/18/20/25
Daylight of Layer
Hot Platen Size
Finished Products Size
Oil Cylinder Dimension
Operating Pressure
Closing Time
Speed of loading and unloading Machine
Thermal Energy Allocation
Total Power(KW)&#8776;100&#8776;100&#8776;130&#8776;135&#8776;150&#8776;160
Weight based on 15 layers(ton)200240330350400480
One Side Loading And Unloading HPL Production Line Characteristics
1. The hot press is with frame body, with good strength and high rigidity.
2. Oil cylinder adopt new design sealing kits, more wear-resistant, can keep the operating pressure.
3. The steam and cold water by turns can heat and cool the hot platens.
4. The hot platen is filled with flexible metal hoses with reasonable layout, can quickly heat the hot platen.
5. Synchronization mechanism adopts gear-rack drive, can steadily lift the movable beam.
6. With Automatic thermo-measuring instrument, hydraulic system adopts large over-flowing, low-noise vane pump and high pressure plunger pump, can meet the technological requirements(closing time and working speed).
7. Hot platen is made of superior carbon structure steel, with fine grinding surface. Flatness&#8804;0.06mm, smoothness 1.6. High precision, high strength, more durable.
8. Heating system: step-by-step design, low energy-consumption, uniform thermal conductivity, temperature adjustable; uniform temperature-keeping, temperature tolerance &#177;3&#8451;
9. Hydraulic system: mainly adopt imported hydraulic components, pressure is adjustable.
10. Automatic control, only need to press the button: the hot press can finish the whole working process, including hot platens go up, closing, adding pressure, keeping pressure, timing, going down.

HPL Press Applications
With beautiful appearance, fire-proof and durable application, HPL laminates have been widely used in many fields, e.g. high-class kitchen cabinets, office furniture, industrial decoration, interior decoration of ship and exhibition material.

Company Profile

Jiangsu Dipuer Industrial Co., Ltd., is a subsidiary of DIPU group specializing in manufacturing man-made board processing equipment on design, development, production and sales. Presents full solution of high grade melamine impregnation line, full automatic short cycle laminating press, high pressure laminating press from A to Z, filled all equipment in operating plant. With these experience and rich know-how in wooden industry, we step into manufacturing in the year of 2008. In the past 10years, we have supplied more than 60line of melamine impregnation, over 80line of short cycle laminating press, 15lines of hpl in the market out of china, high reputation gained from Middle East, North Africa, South America and pan-Russia area.
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Formica Production Line

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